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Show off your leadership skills when things get tough!

Ever been in a situation where you are chugging along with your team to get all the work done by the deadline, and suddenly your manager announces that the deadline will be brought forward to the end of the day?

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4 rules great leaders live by

The old adage states that rules are meant to be broken. And, in fact, many of today’s most revered leaders echo this time-tested mantra: Sir Richard Branson once uttered the sage advice, “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

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Are leaders born or made?

Are leaders born or made? It’s an important question, especially for those who aspire to head up teams or companies, be the face of a movement, or help others achieve greatness.

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Candidates deserve feedback

The process of recruiting staff is constantly changing. Some changes are significant and have a large impact across the industry, some are small and don’t last for very long. Some changes are subtle – more a slow shift in behaviour that over a period of time becomes the new normal.

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