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Helping your business run smoothly

Your company values particular personal attributes in each would-be recruit, whether they’re hired for a temporary or permanent role. It can be challenging to uncover those qualities though, let alone articulate them.

That’s why our specialist industrial recruiting consultants will transform your month-long search into one we can do in a few days.

Here’s how we work:

  • Identify the characteristics you value in a candidate
  • Craft engaging advertisements to promote across multiple platforms
  • Maintain and expand their extensive, up-to-date databases of possible candidates
  • Network with qualified candidates currently in similar roles to your vacancy who are open to new opportunities
  • Conduct comprehensive interviews
  • Provide a range of skills testing
  • Create insightful personality profile reports
  • Shortlist with an eye on diversity and inclusion to deliver more for your business
  • Do thorough reference and working rights’ checks

Areas of expertise

Professional experience you can tap into

We continually improve our systems by integrating cutting-edge research, trends, and technology.

Our consultants will continue to support and advise you for a full 12 months after a permanent placement. That’s our pledge. A successful placement means you’re on the right track to achieving your business goals.

As well, temporary staff can keep your business running smoothly by:

  • Giving you ‘just-in-time’ access to in-demand skills
  • Filling in for absent employees
  • Allowing your valued employees a bit of breathing space to take the edge off overwork and stress
  • Offering fresh perspectives and insights into how other businesses work
  • Helping with special projects or
  • Pitching in during busy times or overflow work.

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Wether you're hiring or looking for a role, Conquest Recruitment Group can help you reach your goals.