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When making things is your business

Your company values particular personal attributes in each would-be recruit, whether they’re hired for a temporary or permanent role. It can be difficult to uncover those qualities, though, let alone articulate them.

That’s why our specialist industrial recruiting consultants will transform a month-long search you might have to do into one we can do in a few days.

Here’s how we work:

  • Identify the characteristics you value in a candidate
  • Craft engaging advertisements to promote across multiple platforms
  • Maintain and expand their extensive, up-to-date databases of possible candidates
  • Network with qualified candidates currently in similar roles to your vacancy who are open to new opportunities
  • Conduct comprehensive interviews
  • Provide a range of skills testing
  • Create insightful personality profile reports
  • Shortlist with an eye on diversity and inclusion to deliver more for your business, and
  • Do thorough and above-board reference and working rights’ checks.

Areas of expertise

We continually improve our systems based on 25 years’ experience.

And it’s good to know our consultants will continue to support and advise you for a full 12 months after a permanent placement. That’s our pledge. A successful placement means you’re on the right track to achieving your business goals.

As well, temporary staff can keep your business running smoothly by:

  • Giving you ‘just-in-time’ access to in-demand skills
  • Filling in for absent employees
  • Allowing your valued employees a bit of breathing space to take the edge off overwork and stress
  • Offering fresh perspectives and insights into how other businesses work
  • Helping with special projects or
  • Pitching in during busy times or overflow work.

See how we can help

Wether you're hiring or looking for a role, Conquest Recruitment Group can help you reach your goals.