General Enquiries

What Are Your Hours Of Operation? arrow-icon arrow-icon

Our standard business hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm; however, our dedicated temp team are available 24/7 for any urgent staff requests or candidate and client queries.

Are There Particular Industries That Conquest Specialises In? arrow-icon arrow-icon

Conquest is a generalist recruitment agency and offers services in all industries.

What Locations Does Conquest Service? arrow-icon arrow-icon

Conquest offers services locally, nationally and overseas.

How Many Referees Do You Conduct? arrow-icon arrow-icon

On average, we conduct two referees per candidate.


How Much Do You Charge For Your Services? arrow-icon arrow-icon

This is dependent on the level of service and the position we are assisting with. For permanent placement services, we charge a percentage of the annual salary package. For temporary positions we pay our workers according to the relevant industry award plus Superannuation and add a small fee which covers payroll tax, workcover and public liability.

Do You Offer A Guarantee On Permanent Placements? arrow-icon arrow-icon

We will offer a replacement to the value of the original placement, if a permanent engagement or business arrangement is lawfully terminated within three (3) months of the commencement date. Please refer to our terms and conditions of business for further information.

If I Request Your Services, Do I Still Pay For Your Services Even If You Don’t Find A Suitable Candidate? arrow-icon arrow-icon

NO! We will perform all advertising, shortlisting, interviewing, skills testing and reference checks without you having to pay a cent. You will not incur any fees until a successful candidate is placed with your company.

Are You Really Available For Labour Hire 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week? arrow-icon arrow-icon

YES. Once you sign with us, we are available to you any time, any day. If you require an urgent fill-in or extra staff urgently, we will find someone for you as soon as possible as long as we have a suitable candidate.

Are Your Candidates Drug Tested? arrow-icon arrow-icon

Not every candidate is drug tested, however, if this is a pre-requisite you require, we can arrange this for you.

How Long Does It Usually Take To Find Staff? arrow-icon arrow-icon

Most of our clients start receiving resumes within 24 hours of requesting our services, depending on the complexity of the position.

Do You Conduct Skills Tests On Candidates? arrow-icon arrow-icon

We use a complex database with over 1,500 skills tests. Assessments range from basic to advanced levels and include topics such as Accounting, Behavioural, Software, Technical, and Clerical, Industrial, Legal and many more. We can recommend suitable assessments for candidates to complete or you can request to see a list of available tests.


Do You Only Advertise Real Jobs? arrow-icon arrow-icon

Absolutely. We don’t waste our valued time posting positions that aren’t real. When you see a vacancy advertised with Conquest, it is 100% genuine.

Do I Need To Be Unemployed To Use Your Sevices? arrow-icon arrow-icon

You do not need to be unemployed to register. Your details will be kept confidentially on our database and can be removed at any time at your request.

Does Conquest Charge A Fee To Help Me Look For Work? arrow-icon arrow-icon

NO! Conquest offers a free service to candidates.

What Is The Best Way For Me To Find A Job Through Your Agency? arrow-icon arrow-icon

We regularly post our positions on our website, Seek, LinkedIn and social media. You can sign up for job alerts through our website to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities.

I Have Recently Started Work With One Of Your Clients. When Will I Be Paid, And Who Will Pay Me? arrow-icon arrow-icon

When working on a temporary assignment, you are required to submit a timesheet to Conquest by 10:00am each Monday. Conquest will process your pay via EFT and pay slips will be emailed to you.

There’s A Job I Like On Your Website, How Do I Apply? arrow-icon arrow-icon

You can apply by sending your resume to jobs@conquestpersonnel.com.au quoting the reference number of the position you are interested in.

Will My Current Employer Be Notified If I Am Looking For Work? arrow-icon arrow-icon

NO! Conquest will keep your details in the strictest confidence. Your employer will not be notified unless you have granted us permission to contact them as a referee.

When Will You Contact My Referees? arrow-icon arrow-icon

Reference checks are usually conducted after the interview process with the client. Under certain circumstances we may be required to contact referees earlier than this, however, not without your permission.


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