Tips on how to develop your career when you start out

Tips on how to develop your career when you start out

It’s important to not reach your 40s and realise you should have done loads of things when you started out your career. While there is plenty that one does not need to have all figured out in the early career years, there are a few things that every 20-something professional should get a handle on sooner, rather later. So what should new professionals be doing?

Don’t be afraid to approach mentors

The best people to approach are those doing what you want to be doing in 10-15 years, and doing it well. You can learn so much from the people who have already gone down the path upon which you’re embarking. Not to mention, they may be super helpful when it comes to opening doors.

Establish yourself as a thought leader

As you build expertise, you will benefit (enormously) if you begin a regular habit of making people aware of your passion for and knowledge of your particular field. Thanks to social media, you have a bunch of relevant platforms (especially LinkedIn) through which you can post articles, pose questions, and share news about what you’re doing. Or, consider launching your own personal blog.

Make sacrifices and take risks

These are the years when you should be taking risks and changing careers to find your way. At this age, you should have fewer responsibilities and obligations, so now is the time to be a risk-taker with your career. It is better than getting to your 40s and realising you have been doing the wrong career all your life and you have too many responsibilities to change careers.

Take advantage of company training

If you work for a company that pays for training or certifications, grab at this opportunity. Ongoing learning is vital for every professional’s growth. If you are not sure what to do, then review some careers that you may want to go down and get training for those.

Stay in touch with people

Staying in touch with your past colleagues, managers and recruiters can really benefit you down the line. People you have worked with may come round again and can help you as you already have that relationship in place.

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